Gateway RV Park

The getaway experience that is going to leave you in good spirits by
bringing in the things that you need the most.

Carbondale Recreation & Community Center

The place where you can forget about tomorrow and live amidst the excitement that tends to get generated at the moment. 

Carbondale Rocks With Creativity

Delivering a unique experience that stands to be a memorable one is all that we look towards providing. So come forward and get used to that experience which is bound to head in the right direction.

Features & Amenities

Take a look at some of the most important features and amenities that we like to offer to help you have a great time. For towing services at the park, we recommend True Towing.

Pets Allowed

As pets bring in more fun and excitement, we tend to allow such services and take things to a whole new level.

Hot Water Shower

A hot water shower is bound to help you begin your day and have a fresh start filled with all kinds of games and activities.

Hookups & Connectivity

A good experience is all that matters, and moving ahead to explore the features that lead to the same is the right thing to do.

Join the Fun

Take a look at the Carbondale experience because it is all about keeping you happy.


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Our Wonderful Campground amenities Include :

The process of recreation stands to gain a proper definition, and that stands to display the kind of amenities that we have to bring to the table. So come forward and find out more because we are waiting for you.

Weekly RV Camping Rates On-Season :

 Range from $158.00 to $252.00 for two people.

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